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From Conventional to Analogue Addressable Systems available for commercial and industrial applications. Hochiki also has arange of products for more specialised environments, including aspirating and voice evacuation systems. Especially for demanding environments, Hochiki can offer industrial, explosion-proof and marine approved products which have been designed especially for challenging applications.The Fire Alarm System frAom Hochiki Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. offers complete solutions for all of your fire detection requirements.

Established in 1918, Hochiki has over 90 years expertise in fire detection gaining widespread acceptance as the benchmark for high-intergrity and long-term reliability across the world.

With its core philosophy dedicated to improving life safety, Hochiki continually invests in R&D, testing and manufacturing procedures to offer the most innovative and efficientsolutions. In addition, with the largest test laboratory in the world, hochiki is able to test products under real fire conditions. All of these procedures ensure optimum performance and long-term reliability of products.

Acknowledged globally by system specifiers and integrators as an international market leader in the manufacture of fire products, the main benefits of using Hochiki are

  • High quality of products ensure long term reliability
  • Easy to install
  • Virtual elimination of false alarms
  • Compliance to standards
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Open Protocol for choice and flexibility

UL PRODUCTS - Conventional - Alarm Control Panel

HCP-1008E_smData Sheet


• 8 Class B (Style B) Initiating Circuits which may be configured as 4 Class A (Style D) Circuits. Expandable up to 24 Class B or 12 Class A Initiating Circuits.
• 4 Class A/B (Style Z/Y) Indicating Circuits with individual trouble indicators (1.7 Amps max. per circuit)
• Each Indicating Circuit can be configured as Silenceable or Non-Silenceable. Audible may be configured as Steady, Temporal Code, California Code or March Time.
• Each Initiating Circuit can be configured as Alarm, Supervisory, Waterflow or Trouble
• Two outputs for 4 wire resetable smoke power supply (200 mA max. each)
• Alarm verification on Initiating Circuits
• Easy configuration via push buttons and SLIDE switches on the front panel


Data Sheet


Battery Calculator

HCA-2_4_8 and D

Conventional Fire Alarm & Releasing Panel

• UL864 9th Edition / NFPA Compliant
• Fully programmable using simple menu options
• Simple, single board construction Installer friendly
• Built-in two-line (16 Characters for each line) LCD display provides easy to read information
• 15 Key control buttons for easy programming, reset and silencing.
• Real time clock
• Event History log (256 events) with Date/Time stamp, which can be viewed from LCD display
• Compatible with wide range of detection devices
• 4 Programmable Supervised NAC outputs
• 6.5 Amp power supply
• Switchable 120/240VAC 50/60 Hz Power supply
• 5 Programmable output patterns for NAC circuits
• Gentex Sync Protocol Built-in
• Supports Releasing of Agents on HCA-4 & HCA-8 models
• Three programmable general purpose relays
• Dedicated alarm and trouble relays
• Built-in walk test feature Panel Dimension: 14.57" (W) x 15.47" (H) x 4.41" (D)
• Supports up to two 12V, 18Ah Backup batteries
• Supports one Remote Annunciator via RS-485


Data Sheet

HCVR-3 Conventional Releasing Panel


• UL 864 and FM approved
• Three Zone Detection
• Any single zone or any combination of zones can be configured to release
• Fully programmable using simple menu options
• Simple, single board construction
• Installer friendly
• Compatible with wide range of detection devices
• Configurable first stage NAC delays
• Configurable detection delays
• Built-in Manual Release Switch and separate circuit
• Built-in Abort Circuit
• Compatible with FireNET Xtinguish
• Compatible with various releasing valves
• Configurable releasing delays up to 60 seconds in 5 second intervals
• Configurable releasing duration up to 5 minutes in 5 second intervals
• Releasing countdown timer displayed on the LCD
• Supports up to seven HCVR-SDU or HCVR-AB
• Built-in relays for Fire, Trouble, Stage 1, Stage 2,Extract and Local Fire


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